Justice for Cortez Coburn

This is what we know:

We know Cortez “Dre” Coburn was last seen alive on January 27, 2014.

His body was discovered on February 7th, 2014.

The last people to see him alive, were the Leake Co. Sheriff’s Department.

Between the time he went missing to the time his body was discovered, the sheriff’s department didn’t do anything to alert the family or the media that Cortez fled their custody.

The department won’t answer questions that would answer what they would do if a subject should flee law enforcement.


Cortez Coburn may have run out of gas in the middle of the night and was trying to get back home. Accounts from friends allege that his gas hand may have been broken.

We’re not sure how the police arrived on the scene (we’ll post updates when we get them) but after “assisting” him, ran a “routine” check, and found that he had outstanding warrants. (Possession of paraphernalia and resisting arrest). They allege that Cortez then fled. (VERY UNLIKELY)

His body was found by helicopter, the National Guard, in a creek, after a “local search” turned up cold.

An autopsy has been ordered. Officials are suggesting that maybe he froze to death or died of hypothermia. (highly unlikely)

The MBI is now investigating.

Sources: NewsMS



Sheriff’s Call

Please help this case go viral by sharing and making people aware.

Nothing adds up in this case.

Let Leake County Sheriff Department know that we won’t allow for them to take the lives of our young black men.

Put the nation’s eyes on Mississippi.

Our lives have value.

We won’t allow for this to keep happening.

Thank You.

We will get Justice For Cortez “Dre” Coburn.




  1. Rita Harris says:

    SPEECHLESS !!!!!

  2. Latesha says:

    So Sad….It so sad to see our young black men dying to coward and senseless violence

  3. Clarence Hasenbeck says:

    This kind of injustice happened to family too!!!

  4. Sheronica Luckett says:

    I so want to see justice please lets get this money they can’t get away with this if so some more of our black brothers will end up like this. No justice no peace!! MY HEART GOES TO THE FAMILY! !

  5. Dipa says:

    So sad! Words couldn’t express the sorrow the family must have for this senseless death of this young man. You will be in our thoughts. May justice prevail!

  6. Marven says:

    Its unfortunate for a young black male to loose his future
    in this condition i pray that people around the world joins them in prayer and makes it a priority to show a ongoing support for this cause and especially to the family of the late Cortez Coburn sincerly the Pastor pastorindahouse.com

  7. Tarsha says:

    Its sad that we’ll never get pass the race issue,God only sees one race and thats the human race.We have to continue to pray that one day justice will be served;also knowing that we have to pay for what we do…He sees all!!!You’re in my prayers.

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Let the world know what they are doing to black men in Mississippi! WE DEMAND JUSTICE FOR CORTEZ COBURN!